Seafood shaomai

Dim Sum, refined and gourmet

From Cantonese Gastronomy, Dim sum are refined delicacies, generally made from a delicately shaped dough and stuffed with shrimp or meat. Generally served at breakfast, its steam cooking makes it a light product easy to appreciate at any moment of the day.

Cooking Instructions

Without defrosting, place the Dim Sum in a steam basket and close the lid of the pan. Cook for 12 minutes. To be consumed fully cooked.

Preserving Instructions

Store at -18 ° C. Never refreeze a defrosted product.

Seafood shaomai


Farce 85% (fruits de mer 54% (crevette [crustacé] (crevette, eau, sel et stabilisants : E450, E451 et E452) et seiche [mollusque]), bambou, barde, poisson, carotte, fécule de pomme de terre, huile de sésame, exhausteur de goût : glutamate monosodique, sel, sucre, poivre, édulcorant : sorbitol et émulsifiants : tripolyphosphate de sodium et pyrophosphate tétrasodique) – Pâte (15%) (farine de blé [gluten], eau, gluten, vinaigre et curcuma).

Infos nutritionnelles

Energie 776kJ / 185kcal
Matières grasses8,9g
dont acides gras saturés2,3g
dont sucres1,3g
Protéines 14,2g
Sel 1,1g

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