Founded in 1981


In order to keep the bar high in terms of security and quality and to bring you complete satisfaction, SFPA has implemented important humand and material means.

Our raw materials

All our raw materials are selected from French and European suppliers with very strict specifications.

Production teams

Our staff is trained in good hygiene practices and is involved in product quality.

Our quality testing


Throughout production process, many tests are carried out.

Regular bacteriological tests are implemented by an independent laboratory.

A daily follow up of our production is made by our Quality Service and highly qualified professionnal consultant in order to get aligned with HACCP (*)


A highly performant tracability system allows us to follow the product, from the raw materials used up to the different selling outlets.

Thanks to the information on the label, our teams can retrace the date of production, the origin of the ingredients, the results ot the tests at different stages of fabrication...within a few hours.

(*) : HACCP = Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

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